FasciAshi Intermediate: Supine and Sidebody

Presenter: Julie Marciniak
Dates: 11/29/2017
Location:North Pointe Body Therapies
Address: Tba when registered |Durham | NC | F2F

This intermediate class empowers the experienced barefoot massage therapist to maintain long trigger point holds and deliver deep, gliding strokes to the anterior and lateral aspects of your client's body. Supine and Side Body strokes will give you the tools to provide a comprehensive “feet-on” practice, giving you the ability to explore the strokes on different clients in class, and you’ll awaken your feet’s potential to work in multi-faceted directions. Barefoot massage uses your feet to provide a deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point focused barefoot massage session while holding onto overhead support as the client lies comfortably on a massage table.

Method of Delivery: F2F
Number of Continuing Education Hours: 12.00
Cost: $335.00
Sponsor: The Center for Barefoot Massage
Contact Phone: 210-816-1241
CE Provider Approval: Yes
Website: http://www.BarefootMassageCenter.com/schedule.html