The Sun and Skin Cancer: Part 2

Presenter: Dr. Annie Morien
Dates: 11/30/-0001 to 11/30/-0001 Time:
Address: Online or home study course

What do you tell you client if he/she has irregular shaped mole? Where do you find current information on melanoma to provide to your client? How do you provide support to a client recently diagnosed with melanoma? The third and final class in this series addresses these questions, and builds your confidence and knowledge regarding the deadliest skin cancer, malignant melanoma. You will read a synopsis of the latest scientific evidence regarding how melanoma develops in the skin, you will explore how it is evaluated, how prognosis is determined and the latest treatment options available for people diagnosed with melanoma. In addition, you will see multiple photographs of melanoma skin cancer and how they compare with normal moles. Discounted price available with multiple course purchases

Method of Delivery: Online or home study course
Number of Continuing Education Hours: 2.00
Cost: $16.00
Sponsor: yourCEplace, LLC
Contact Phone: 904-553-4067
CE Provider Approval: Yes