Lumbo-Pelvic Pain: Neurological Lumbar Pain

Presenter: Whitney Lowe
Dates: 02/28/2012
Location:Benjamin Institute Webinars
Address: | Webinars

This webinar is the second in a six part series on lumbo-pelvic pain. The primary focus of this client case will be on neurological lumbar pain. Disk herniations, spinal tumors, bone spurs, or other obstructions may cause nerve compression in the lumbar region. This is a major concern for any manual therapist performing treatment for low back pain. This webinar will focus on accurate identification of neurological lumbar pain and the massage therapist’s role in treating it.

Method of Delivery: Webinars
Number of Continuing Education Hours: 1.25
Cost: $28.00
Sponsor: The Benjamin Institute
Contact Phone: 866-331-7246
CE Provider Approval: Yes