More About Cancer Care and Massage Series

Presenter: Tracy Walton
Dates: 04/03/2012 to 05/17/2012 Time:8:00 PM EST
Address: | Webinars

Breast cancer and prostate cancer are the two most common cancers in women and men, respectively. In search of support and symptom relief, patients with breast or prostate cancer find their way to massage therapy in spas, franchises, and medical settings. In this lively, interactive webinar series, Tracy Walton highlights key massage contraindications for these conditions. If you wonder “What questions do I ask a client with prostate cancer?” or “How and why should I modify my massage for certain breast cancer treatments? or “How do I explain these modifications to my client?” then this is the right series for you! Note: This webinar series reinforces and expands upon some important concepts from the popular Massage in Cancer Care series. This series goes beyond general issues to focus on the two most common cancer types—breast and prostate—with vital information for the massage therapist. Each webinar series stands alone, and the first cancer series is not required for participation in this series. Webinars in this series include: 1. Foundations of Massage Therapy for Breast and Prostate Cancer 2. Hidden Contraindications: Lymphedema and Lymphedema Risk 3. Breast Cancer and Massage Therapy 4. How Breast Cancer Treatment Affects Massage Therapy 5. Prostate Cancer, Treatment, and Massage Therapy 6. Teaching Massage to Caregivers: the “Touch, Caring, and Cancer” Home Instruction Program

Method of Delivery: Webinars
Number of Continuing Education Hours: 9.00
Cost: $150.00
Sponsor: The Benjamin Institute
Contact Phone: 866-331-7246
CE Provider Approval: Yes