Therapeutic Strategies for Effective Pain Relief

Presenter: Pete Whitridge
Dates: 02/11/2012 to 02/12/2012 Time:9:00 am
Location:Sport and Spine
Address: 1345 36th street |Vero Beach | FL | F2F

Workshop Concentration: Our main focus will be on tissue repair and tissue regeneration. This class will offer a multi-disciplinary approach to scars, burns, and chronic pain and will include an interactive forum to dialogue about your own specific client needs. We will explore myofascial assessments, soft tissue techniques, passive and active stretching, muscle energy techniques, hydrotherapies, cross fiber friction, and self-care. Healing involves a partnership between the client and the therapist. As a therapist, you must have skills and knowledge about tissue repair and healing; your clients must be educated about their tissues ability to regenerate. You will leave this class with new skills and confidence in helping your clients be pain free!

Method of Delivery: F2F
Number of Continuing Education Hours: 12.00
Cost: $225.00
Sponsor: Myofascial Components of Pain Workshops
Contact Phone: 772-332-6116
CE Provider Approval: Yes