Prevention of Medical Errors

Presenter: Pete Whitridge
Dates: 02/07/2012 to 02/07/2012 Time:3:00 pm EST
Address: Webinars

This class is required for license renewal in the state of Florida. Medical error prevention is based on common sense health practices and refining procedures to prevent client injury and adverse reaction to treatment. Within the healthcare field there errors in treatment, diagnosis. and dosage that kill and injure patients everyday. Death by medicine is a common reality. We will discuss preventing errors with the massage therapy field. These include: oils and lubricants, dosage, use of electrical devices and implements, equipment failure, negligent practice, drug interactions and medical devices such as pacemaker, shunts, foley bags. This class will have a live audience and will be posted to the internet via livestream.

Method of Delivery: Webinars
Number of Continuing Education Hours: 2.00
Cost: $25.00
Sponsor: Myofascial Components of Pain Workshops
Contact Phone: 772-332-6116
CE Provider Approval: Yes