Hypertension, Hypotension, and Massage Therapy

Presenter: Tracy Walton
Dates: 10/25/2011 to 10/25/2011 Time:8:00 EST
Address: www.BenBenjamin.com | Webinars

High blood pressure (hypertension) is common. More than 76 million US adults have been diagnosed with this condition. This population is encouraged to reduce stress, and many seek out massage therapy for this purpose. In this webinar you will learn: · Essential questions to ask clients with hypertension—and what to do with their answers · What research says (and does not say) about massage and blood pressure · Some common drugs for high blood pressure, and how to adapt massage to their side effects · Why hypotension is as important as hypertension to factor into your massage plan Tracy Walton will show how simple changes in massage pressure, speed, and position lead to a safe, effective session.

Method of Delivery: Webinars
Number of Continuing Education Hours: 1.25
Cost: $28.00
Sponsor: The Benjamin Institute
Contact Phone: 866-331-7246
CE Provider Approval: Yes
Website: http://www.benbenjamin.com/webinarDescrip.php?id=544309202