Blood Clot Symptoms and Massage Therapy

Presenter: Tracy Walton
Dates: 10/18/2011 to 10/18/2011 Time:
Address: | Webinars

Each year, about 900,000 US residents suffer from a combination of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (a common complication of DVT). This life-threatening condition is one of the most unsettling client scenarios in massage therapy. Most of us were taught, “Don’t touch a person with a blood clot,” but massage therapists need more information. In this webinar you will learn: How to recognize DVT red flags, and what questions to ask clients What to do about undiagnosed blood clots How to modify your massage, when to refer, and how to talk with the client about DVT Tracy Walton will share real-life stories of massage therapists who encountered DVT, worked safely, and made excellent referrals.

Method of Delivery: Webinars
Number of Continuing Education Hours: 1.25
Cost: $28.00
Sponsor: The Benjamin Institute
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