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AFMTE LeafAlliance for Massage Therapy Education Committees

Each committee has a statement of mission and goals, and operates according to a specific charge from the Board of Directors.  According to the Alliance Bylaws, members and chairs of committees shall be appointed annually by the President, with the approval of the Board. Currently, all members are eligible to serve as chairs and committee members. Members of the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) are elected by the membership.  If you are looking for a place to serve we invite you to review the list below and complete the Volunteer Application.  

Certification Process Committee

Board Liaison: Penny Shumaker Jeffrey, PhD, LMBT

Committee Chair:  (open)

This committee was established as a subcommittee to the Professional Standards Committee to assist in creating a teacher certification program. The committee is responsible for the design and implementation of Phase IV of the National Teacher Education Standards Project (NTESP).  

Educational Congress Planning Committee  

Board Liaison:  Cherie Sohnen-Moe

Committee Chair:  Nancy Dail

Works on all details pertaining to the Alliance For Massage Therapy Education biennial conference. Main categories for conference includes items such as reviewing massage and bodywork education programs, on-site logistics, contacting potential exhibitors & sponsors, organizing conference prizes, hospitality/registration at conference, coordinating with marketing for all print materials, and many miscellaneous tasks, before, during and after the biennial conference.

Finance Committee

Board Liaison:  Sandy Grover Mason

Committee Chair: Sandy Grover Mason

Responsible for the overall finances of the organization including creating a business plan, assisting with marketing plan, reviewing and updating financial policies and organizing the annual budget for BOD approval. 


Leadership Development Committee  

Board Liaison: Pete Whitridge, LMT

Committee Chair:  Debra Curties 

The five members of the Leadership Development Committee (LDC)  are elected on a staggered basis for a two-year term.   The LDC regularly assesses the needs of the AFMTE, and then cultivates and recruits volunteers from AFMTE’s membership to serve on standing and ad hoc committees. Annually,also based on organizational needs, the LDC vets, nominates, and recommends a slate of candidates to serve on the LDC and the Board of Directors. Election of members of the LDC occur concurrently with the yearly election of Directors.

Marketing Committee 

Board Liaison:  Jodi Scholes

Committee Chair:  (open)

Works to support the branding and message to current members and attract new members to our organization.   This includes crafting a marketing plan based on input from the BOD, Committees and Members as needed; finding social media content for updates and topics newsletter content.  

Membership Committee

Board Liaison:  Lisa Helbig

Committee Chair:  (open)

Works with the ongoing efforts to grow the Alliance’s membership in all categories. Support all other committee efforts and work closely with the Marketing Committee.

National Teachers Trainers Curriculum Development Committee (NTTCDC)

Design and create a comprehensive framework based on the “Core Competencies for Massage Therapy Teachers” for curriculum development, assessment, instruction, and training of educators in the field of therapeutic massage and bodywork.  Create a model Teacher Training Program for the AFMTE.  

Professional Standards Committee 

This was established to provide guidance on issues related to the development or revision of standards in massage therapy education, teaching and practice.  This committee remains active through its two active subcommittees, NTTCDC and the CPC but there are no meetings of the parent committee at this time.  

Strategic Planning Committee

Board Liaison:  Beverley Giroud 

Committee Chair:  Drew Riffe 

Write a strategic plan to be submitted for BOD approval and update it annually. Monitor ongoing progress of the plan.

Teacher Resource Development Committee (TRDC)

Board Liaison:  Terrie Yardley-Nohr

Committee Chair:  Sandy Fritz 

Assemble and continually update a list of resources (articles, books, website, and training courses) for educators to learn more about how to improve their teaching skills and to assist those who wish to design teacher training programs that quality graduates to sit for teacher certification exam.  

Watch the videos below of the 2016 Annual Business Meeting Committee Reports  

Part 4 Includes:  Marketing, NTTCDC and CPC Reports  

Part 3 includes:  Conf. Planning Committee, Strategic Planning and TRDC Reports

Part 2 includes:  Finance, Governance and LDC Report     

 Who Can Serve?

According to the Alliance Bylaws, members and chairs of committees shall be appointed annually by the President, with the approval of the Board. Currently, any member is welcome to serve as committee members.  Below is the Volunteer application to be considered for the team.

Apply to Volunteer on an AFMTE Committee

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