Alliance Shares 2016 Candidates for Election

The Alliance announces the Slate for Board of Directors and the 2016 election process to their members. Since there is no conference this year, an election will occur online rather than from the floor at the conference. The Alliance shared that Su Bibik and Gloria Lawrence would be resigning Board seats when their terms end on August 31. The AFMTE has five board seats up for election and the Leadership Development Committee submitted a proposed slate to the members to consider. People are encouraged to visit the AFMTE 2016 Election Slate page and watch the interview of each candidate.  Alliance members will have the opportunity to accept the slate or nominate individuals to contest one or more of the available seats.  


The Leadership Development Committee issued statement reminding individuals that “alternate candidate(s) must be voting members in good standing and must have agreed to be nominated.”    


If no new candidates are put forward during the 2016 Annual Business meeting, the candidates will be elected by acclamation. The proposed slate for the Board includes: Cherie Sohnen-Moe (incumbent), Pete Whitridge (incumbent), Beverly Giroud (open seat, currently occupied by Su Bibik), Karen Hobson (open seat occupied by Gloria Lawrence) and Stan Dawson incumbent.  


As part of the electoral process, two LDC positions are available this year; the incumbents are re-applying. Members are asked to either vote to affirm or propose alternates under the same conditions as mentioned above. The two candidates for LDC are Debra Curties (chair) and Joe Lubow.  


AFMTE Members are encouraged to participate in the election by responding to the election email from the LDC by July 15, 2016. Register for the Annual Business Meeting that takes place on July 14th.  Register here

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