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Request for Proposal (RFP) 



The Alliance (AFMTE) requests proposals for an educational consultant to vet and finalize the Teacher Certificate Program under the National Teacher Education Standards Project (NTESP)

Section I.  Qualification of Bidders

Bidders should have an academic degree in education or similar field with experience in teacher training evaluation and/or program evaluation. Bidders will act as educational consultants for the Alliance For Massage Therapy Education.

Section II.  Project Goals

    • Develop, implement, and review elements of a portfolio review beta test;

    • Consult with AFMTE about what was learned in the beta test process and to facilitate a transition to the initial public implementation of teacher certification of massage therapy and bodywork educators.

    • Provide training for the AFMTE committee to work with the rubrics in evaluating the Teacher Certificate Program submissions.

Section II.   Timelines

Proposals need to be submitted by 10/2/17. The evaluation team will process the bids and award a contract by 10/16/17. Once the contract has been awarded, the project will begin. The first goal of the project must be concluded by 12/31/17.

Section IV.   Selection Criteria

The main criteria for selecting a consultant will be: the quality of the consultant’s educational background and experience, the quality of the bid presentation, the ability of the consultant to meet timelines, and cost.

Section V.   Selection Process

All bids will be reviewed to make sure they meet all the requirements, i.e., “are responsive.” All responsive bids will be scored according to the selection criteria above in 5. The top three bidders will be interviewed by the evaluation team to select the accepted bid and an alternate. The evaluation process will take two weeks. Bidders must make themselves available during the time of the bid review process for interviews. The final accepted bid will be named by 10/16/17.

Required Documents from Bidder to be submitted in Word to by 10/2/17.  

I.   Overview

Summarized in a paragraph or two, what you propose or plan to bring to the project.

II.  Company/Organization Profile

Tell us about your organization or business and how your experiences can help to lead and finish this project.

Please include a CV or resume

III.  Experience and Outlook

Do you have existing programs/examples already in place that frame your ideas with this project? Or, are there existing programs created by others that would frame your work on this project? If so, please give examples.

Samples: Please provide samples of your work that align with this project

IV.  Technical Requirements

Are there any technical requirements you would need to complete this project?

V.  Budget and Time Requirements

Please identify your specific budget and time requirements. Itemize the bid for each section under Section 3 above (Project goals, please provide for a, b, and c.)

Send documents or inquiries on or before October 2, 2017 to  

Portfolio Review Process Documentation:  For additional information please review the Cover Letter for the Portfolio Review Process Documentation Folder

AFMTE VP Dr. Penny Jeffrey on the request for proposals for an educational consultant for the Teacher Certificate Program

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