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Terms and Conditions for Use of the AFMTE Logos


  1. Limited License: The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education grants to its Members in good standing, and to partners, sponsors, vendors and other entities with which AFMTE has a partnership, sponsorship, marketing or promotional agreement, or a substantially similar agreement or business arrangement, a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license (“License”) to use the Approved Forms of AFMTE Logos solely for those permitted uses set forth below, in accordance with these Additional Terms and Conditions that govern use of the AFMTE Logos.
  2. Websites: All Logo Users shall be permitted to use or display the following Licensed Marks on websites owned and operated by such Logo Users solely for the purposes of linking to the AFMTE website (
    In addition to the Licensed Marks set forth above, AFMTE is honored to provide current AFMTE Members and Licensees in good standing with the right to use the AFMTE Member Logo and AFMTE Licensed Logos, as applicable, to indicate their status as an AFMTE Member or Licensee on their websites. To determine whether you are an AFMTE Member or Licensee in good standing, contact an AFMTE Representative at 855-236-8331 or
  3. Business Related Materials: AFMTE Members and AFMTE Licensees shall also be permitted to use the AFMTE Member Logo and AFMTE Licensed Logos, respectively, for business stationary, business cards and other similar items, solely for purposes of indicating their affiliation or status with AFMTE.
    The use of the AFMTE Member Logo indicates that your are an AFMTE member in good standing, and does not imply, indicate or otherwise suggest that AFMTE has approved of, sponsored, endorsed, or is otherwise responsible for these materials.
  4. Ownership of the AFMTE Logo: Reservation of Rights. AFMTE is the sole owner of all rights, title and interest in and to the Licensed Marks and variations thereof, together with the goodwill that is symbolized by such trademarks. Except for the rights expressly granted hereunder, Logo Users shall not have any rights, title or interest in or to the Licensed Marks. Logo User acknowledges that the Licensed Marks and all trademarks included therein have acquired secondary meaning and that Logo User’s use of the same, including the goodwill associated therewith, inures solely and exclusively to the benefit of AFMTE. Logo Users shall not contest or oppose any registrations pending at the United States Patent and Trademark Authority or other government institution for the registration of the Licensed Marks. Logo Users shall not use the Licensed Marks in any manner, which may falsely suggest or imply an endorsement or sponsorship by AFMTE.
  5. Revocation of Rights: AFMTE expressly reserves the right to revoke the limited License granted herein and to request that any Logo User cease and desist from any and all uses of the Licensed Marks for any reason, including, but not limited to, AFMTE’s determination in its sole discretion that a Member or Licensee is not in good standing, or its use of the Licensed Marks violates the AFMTE Logos Terms.

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