AFMTE Massage and Bodywork Teacher Certification

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Massage and Bodywork Teacher Certification

Our major goal is that the AFMTE provides a national, voluntary teacher certification program to individuals who wish to exemplify the highest excellence as educators of massage and bodywork. AFMTE certified teachers integrate theory and practice of teaching, learning, and assessment for adult student learners in a somatic-based curriculum. They build engaging and self-motivated learning environments that address varied patterns of student development and make central concepts, tools of inquiry, and subject matter accessible to all learners.

Certified massage therapy and bodywork educators also link instruction to well-defined learning objectives, and create strategies for motivating and retaining learners. They foster students to develop deeper critical thinking skills to improve learning outcomes, achieve a high level of ethical awareness, and encourage collaboration with colleagues and other healthcare professionals. The competencies of the AFMTE teacher certification program will help to graduate ethical, employable massage and bodywork therapists with the knowledge, ability, and skills that can positively impact the massage and bodywork profession.

The Certification Process Committee is solidly moving forward with creating the AFMTE Massage and Bodywork Teacher Certification. This process will offer certification to both classroom teachers and continuing education providers. Initially, the portfolio-style certification program will be available for any somatic-based classroom educator to apply. Educators should have had at least two years of continual classroom teaching experience including teaching a minimum of one course per semester. Teaching can occur at the level of teaching assistant or lead instructor since the supporting documents and rubrics will evaluate teaching skills, knowledge, and attitudes. The portfolio application will request the applicant provide the following types of documentation: a CV/resume, statement of interest, letters of recommendation, graded student evidences, teaching video evidences, lesson plans with formative assessment, course summative assessment,and teaching evaluations. Arriving soon after the implementation of the classroom teacher portfolio review certification, an additional portfolio-style certification process will become available for continuing education providers.

Update March 2017 : The Alliance (AFMTE) requests proposals for an educational consultant to vet and finalize the Teacher Certificate Program under the National Teacher Education Standards Project (NTESP). Proposals need to be submitted by April 21,2017. The evaluation team will process the bids and award a contract by May 1, 2017. For more details click here.

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