The Ethics of Touch: Sex, Touch & Intimacy - Boundaries

Presenter: Cherie Sohnen-Moe and Ben Benjamin
Dates: 08/16/2012 to 08/16/2012 Time:8:00 PM EST
Address: | Webinars

Do you know the difference between sex and intimacy? Do your clients? Many people do not understand the true nature of intimacy. In this webinar, Dr. Ben Benjamin and Cherie Sohnen-Moe will talk about different types of intimacy, including physical, emotional and verbal. The nuances of intimacy are especially important to understand in a therapeutic relationship that focuses on the client's body and includes touch. This webinar will explore the relationship between sex, touch and intimacy and what to do when someone really crosses the line. Listen as Ben and Cherie provide insights into how our cultural beliefs and personal experience manifest in our work.

Method of Delivery: Webinars
Number of Continuing Education Hours: 1.00
Cost: $20.00
Sponsor: The Benjamin Institute
Contact Phone: 866-331-7246
CE Provider Approval: Yes